We specialize in opening bank accounts, offering best part of advise and consultation for investments in Switzerland, Austria, Latvia and USA. Majority of our customers whom we service are non-resident foreign people. We provide quality advice, and our help would extend by all possible means to our customers with a nominal service charge.

Swiss Numbered Account

In some cases, a Switzerland banking account can be a "numbered account", these accounts are offered to a very small number of Swiss bank account clients. The account has a brevity, or code name, associated with it to avoid confusion between the bank and the customer. This feature increases privacy so that in the event that a statement is lost or stolen, the name of the account holder is not clearly obvious. Plus, it gives enhanced privacy because wire transfers into and out of the account are in the company's name rather than the client's name.

Swiss banking law does not cooperate in proceedings of minor offences, only criminal offenses. There are methods that can be taken to provide the maximum degree of confidentiality. We specializes in offshore business structures and offshore banking, while protection the interests of our clients.

The numbered bank account will be managed without any detailed information to your person. All pieces of evidence and statements are prepared with name "numbered account" without personal information. You don't receive any postal sending with the exception of the degree statement which is sent in a neutral envelope to you.

  • Excellent Internet Banking Systems.
  • No Minimum Deposit Required
  • Receiving money trough SWIFT is FREE
  • SWIFT transfers available for as low a $15 per transaction 
  • Multicurrency - USD EUR CHF
  • online securities trading on SWX, Virt-x, Xetra, Euronext, Nasdaq, NYSE, Amex, Scandinavian markets, Euwax, Vontobel (off-exchange) 
  • over-the-phone securities trading on 60 exchanges in 40 countries 
  • online sale of more than 4,000 investment funds, partnerships with various issuers 
  • online forex trading on CHF, EUR, USD, SEK, DKK, and NOK accounts 
  • Lombard loans in CHF, EUR and USD 
  • term and fiduciary deposit investments 
  • banking system for independent asset managers and Eurex trading for asset managers 
  • banking platform in four languages
  • services of a customer care centre in six languages, during trading hours 
  • "Level 3" access identification 
  • 24x7 Excellent online real-time banking system, highly secure login. 
  • 24x7 World-wide Access to your funds. 
  • VISA and MasterCard Gold available can be used anywhere in the world.
  • Transfer money into your bank account anytime, anywhere.
  • Protected by Swiss banking secrecy
  • Swiss government insurance : your funds will be literally in the safest place in the world.

Inflation rate remains very low in Switzerland.

Switzerland has not been at war with another country since 1505 . The foreign policy of Switzerland is neutral and balanced. No perceived threats of war, escalating to political instability, violence, financial crisis and terrorist attacks on Switzerland. This is a very important factor which differentiates Switzerland from other offshore havens and thus for your safe money held in Switzerland.
The savings ratio, per capita income, low unemployment rate are impressive.

There are about 400 banks in Switzerland and the biggest are Credit Suisse and UBS having a network of offices in Switzerland and abroad. A single bank can perform all services like savings and loans, Safe deposit Boxes, investments, Eurobonds, stock, precious metals and most common, mutual funds. No exchange controls or rules on holding foreign currencies.


Nothing is hidden : our website explains in detail our services, what you will receive and the procedures. Our FAQ's page is extremely detailed. 
Our support is second to none : we reply to most emails within 24 hours (even in minutes if we will receive them during business hours).

We provide specialized consulting services to individuals and corporations conducting business internationally. We will be happy to advise you on the appropriate instruments to choose and the best techniques to realize the strategy for your personal portfolio.

Switzerland offers the best banking secrecy and stability in the world. We help you to open your account at a major Swiss bank. Opening a bank account in Switzerland can be confusing and extremely time consuming unless you know intimately the Swiss banks, their policies and procedures. We cut through the red tape to get you the Swiss bank account you need. 


All banks in Switzerland operate in world class standards. Apart from that, staff working in Swiss banks are very famous for their knowledge and expertise in banking. The Swiss banking system are rooted on the concept of universal banking, as a single bank can offer a diversified range of banking services. This means that a single bank can provide all banking services, such as: 

  • Credit/lending Business
  • Asset management and Investment advice
  • Payment Transactions
  • Deposits in the form of Savings Accounts, etc. 
  • Stock Exchange Transactions 
  • Issuing of Bonds etc. 

These universal features are disabled in the banking sectors of various countries and commercial banking and investment banking tend to be in separate form. Swiss banks have earned a great reputation worldwide for providing sophisticated and discrete banking services. There are about 400 banks in Switzerland. Banks are licensed by the Swiss Federal Government through its Banking Commission, and operate throughout the country. Most of the banks in Switzerland offer the following common types of bank accounts for foreign customers.

Money back guarantee : if for any reason the bank will reject your application we will give your money back.


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